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Florence, Italy

Pizza, pasta, risotto, gelato. Join us for a semester filled with olive oil, truffles, panini, wine tastings, and cheese sampling. Master Italian cooking and try Torta Caprese, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, and Cacio e Pepe!

Sample Itinerary

Part 1
March 1 - March 30 
Intensive hands-on learning, cooking classes, art experiences, and food tours.

Choose from a full semester course or a short 30-day program

Margherita Pizza


- Tuscan day hikes and field trips

- Learn to hunt for truffles + taste truffle pasta

- Try dozens of panini flavors

- Meet local vendors at Mercato Centrale

- Learn to make pizza in a wood-fired oven

- Sample parmesan cheese

- Learn how to make tiramisu from a Bake Off alumni

- Soak up inspiration at the Uffizi Gallery

- Learn to roast Italian coffee

- Sip on cappucucini in cafes

- Learn to make wines and pair them with food

- Sample the world's best olive oil

- Live in a college-style apartment

- Master your pasta-making skills
- Find the sparkling water fountain in Palazzo Vecchio

- Photograph and paint like it's the Renaissance

- Learn to make pottery from a 5th generation master

- Discover your new favorite gelato flavor

Tuscany Week
March 31 - April 6 A week in between part 1 and 2 for full semester students to explore and recharge in the Italian countryside.

Part 2
April 6 - April 30 
Cookbook making, low-stress exploration time, field trips, and volunteering


March 1 - April 30

Spring 2024






30 days 60 days

Group size

Up to 10 students

+ 2 leaders


$7,000 (Part 1 only)

$13,000 ($1,000 discount for full program)

March 1 - April 30

Spring 2024

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