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We are  the first gap year program dedicated to experiential learning through food. The Food Gap is an educational and creative community. Each semester we travel to a new place to learn as much as we can about the local culture through food. Our mission is to provide a gathering place for young people who are creative, open-minded, and looking for a restorative and enriching travel experience. We eat and cook around the world as well as gain independence, critical life skills, learn about where our food comes from, volunteer, explore, and make life-long friendships. Each semester culminates with a group-made cookbook, so our students get to put published author on their resumes. The proceeds of our cookbook will go back into our financial aid, allowing us to help more students to join us in the future. Throughout the semester we teach food photography, creative writing, graphic design, recipe development, and many other creative skills. We live in apartments in the city with easy access to local towns where we cook, bake, create, and soak up our surroundings while getting to know each other on a deep level. We investigate where our food comes from by visiting farms, wineries, and food-makers. All you have to bring is your creativity, kindness, open-mindedness, walking shoes, and an appetite!

What you'll do

Take cooking classes from local experts

Learn how to develop and edit recipes

Eat your way through a guided food tour

Make your own plates in a pottery class

Take scenic hikes in the countryside

Learn about growing and harvesting vegetables

Practice food photography + videography

Learn to make your own cheese

Bake cakes and cookies at midnight

Make friends for life

Become a published cookbook author

Take day trips to beautiful towns and cities

Eat a Michelin quality tasting menu

Shop for ingredients at food markets

Boat and catch your own dinner

Eat family-style meals al fresco

Play food games from popular tv shows

Go on morning tours of local bakeries 

Learn how to budget, shop, and meal plan

Live and grow with a diverse group of strangers

Learn about the history of your favorite foods

Fall in love with your host country

Slow down. Relax. Take your time.

Veggie Burger
Khao Soi
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