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Eligibility Requirements 

  • The Food Gap welcomes curious and creative people to apply who are excited to live in a community and learn from travel, food, and each other. You don't have to be an expert at baking or cooking or have any experience in the kitchen - we welcome all skill levels as long as you are interested in learning and growing through trying new things.

  • You must be fluent in English in order to communicate with the rest of the group. We don't expect you to be fluent or conversational in Italian.

  • You must be open-minded and willing and excited to live with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds.

  • We respect your privacy, but we thrive on communication and encourage participants to tell us of any concerns or anxieties they have before/during the program so we can help them.

  • You are responsible for maintaining your physical health and well being by getting enough sleep, minimizing risky activities, and notifying all staff of any health concerns. Participants with potentially life-threatening conditions are discouraged from traveling abroad without the written approval from a doctor.

  • You must be willing to engage with other participants and trip leaders, as well as program providers and activity hosts in order to get the most out of the program. We ask participants to limit screen time as much as possible. 

  • Participants are not required to have knowledge of cooking equipment and kitchen safety - we are always on hand to guide.

  • Participants must model appropriate behavior at all times and drink responsibly. 

  • Participants must be physically able to participate in hours of walking and standing during activities, lessons, and group outings. We will do our best to accommodate to any participants with physical / mobility differences. 

  • Participants must be willing and excited to eat delicious food, have the time of their life, learn about themselves, make friends for life, and create with a wild, uninhibited imagination. 

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