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Eligibility Requirements 

  • The Food Gap welcomes curious and creative young people to apply who are excited to live in a community and learn from travel, food, and each other. 

  • Students must be fluent in English and do not need to speak the host country's language.

  • Students must be open-minded and excited to live with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. 

  • This is not a certified therapeutic program, and we don't have a mental health professional on the trip - however, we strive to connect all participants and leaders with medical and mental health support. We are working on securing mental health first aid certifications!

  • We also help students with their physical health and make arrangements to secure medical treatment. Students, however, are responsible for monitoring their own medications and health needs.

  • Students must be willing to limit screen time in order to stay present and engaged in the program.

  • Students are not required to have knowledge of cooking equipment and kitchen safety - we do extensive safety and kitchen training before letting students create recipes on their own.

  • Students must agree to program policies. We expect that if students are of the legal drinking age in the host country that they will model respectful and moderate behavior when consuming alcohol. Wine is part of food culture, so students are encouraged to try wine but not to excess. 

  • Students must be willing to participate in long days of walking and being on their feet, as well as willing to utilize public transportation. We are happy to help accommodate for any student with differences in physical and mental ability.

  • Students must be willing and excited to eat delicious food, have the time of their life, learn about themselves, make friends for life, and create with a wild, uninhibited imagination. 

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