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Health + Safety

Our programs are much safer than typical gap programs because we avoid risky adventure-based activities. Since the program is based around food, the biggest threats to safety are allergies, which we take very seriously and make concerted efforts to protect our students from, kitchen fires, and dangers associated with any type of foreign travel: weather, terrorism, natural disasters, theft, etc. We let our students have free, independent time to explore, as they are adults, but each student follows our code of conduct to ensure our program's safety and success. We also have taken many steps to minimize safety risks and to prepare for unexpected outcomes, including a safety management system, CPR-trained trip leaders, requiring students to have travel insurance, and a partnership with the Smart Travel Enrollment Program


We require all program participants to be up to date with the current CDC recommended vaccines. This is for the health and safety of your group, leaders, and the locals we interact with while abroad. Please let us know if you have health complications that prevent you from being vaccinated.

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