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Program Rules

  • We expect participants to be punctual and to be aware of meeting times and to make an effort to never be late for group outings or activities. 

  • We expect participants to treat each other with kindness and patience as it may be the first time living with a group for many. We admit people from many backgrounds and expect each person to model inclusivity and respect.

  • Occasionally we will participate in wine tastings or sampling local specialties that contain alcohol. It's expected that each participant professionally and responsibly manages their own health and mindfulness. We expect that all participants and leaders behave in a respectful manner and are in control of their minds and bodies at all times. 

  • We encourage you to be present and engaged during classes and activities with contracted local parties and model respect and gratitude. 

  • We expect participants to be educated on local customs and ethics and to abide by the host country’s laws, even if they may not align with our personal values. You are also required to respect foreign property, including our accommodation, art museums, restaurants, etc.

  • Accommodation may sometimes not be as comfortable as our homes. We will discuss housing options for you during enrollment and encourage participants to share rooms and accommodations to improve the community feel of their experience.

  • Participants are required to monitor their mental and physical well-being and to notify trip leaders of any issues that may arise. You are also responsible for protecting your personal belongings at all times. 

  • Participants who break these rules will be given a warning dependent on seriousness, then subsequent dismissal from the program may occur if their behavior continues. 

  • Participants will be asked to leave the program if they engage in bullying, harassment, or violence of any kind. Acting out comes with increased risks in foreign countries and those who break local laws may be prosecuted by local governments. 

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