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Who are we?

The Food Gap is a place for people to unite, travel, and share a love of food, art, and creativity. Evan grew up as an only child, lacking a community of likeminded creative people. When he was 19, he traveled to Southeast Asia and fell in love with Thai food. He considered becoming a chef, and has worked in restaurants and as a private chef, but found that the fast-paced environment was suffocating. After college, he pursued a creative career in art and food and set out to unite people who love food. 

Evan Stevens

"I was a nervous teen who dreaded going to college and leaving the nest, but I quickly found my people and formed a family away from home. I flew to Asia by myself for the first time when I was 19, having never left the U.S., and gained heaps of confidence during my gap semester. The people I spent my time with became family. I am incredibly passionate about creating an environment where people can share their authentic selves and thrive personally and creatively. I can't wait to welcome you into this family and to share many meals with you."


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“Evan always made sure that everyone was included and was kind to everyone. He made everyone feel comfortable to be themselves!” - Jenna, former student at Maine Media Workshops

“I met Evan in the summer of 2019 when he was a teacher’s assistant for my photography class. Since then, Evan has become one of my greatest teachers, giving me advice on my writing and art. He not only fosters creativity but also kindness and is eager to act as a mentor.” Maisie, former student at Maine Media Workshops

“Evan has been a great mentor to me during and after the short time I spent with him. He has inspired and challenged me to do better both personally and in my work and I am so grateful to have worked with him!” - Ade, former student at Maine Media Workshops

Evan Stevens, Founder + Trip Leader





“I grew up in Southern California, and the cultural diversity that surrounded me during my upbringing drives my passion for travel and language learning. I deepened my love for connecting with people from other cultures when I studied Spanish and Mandarin in school. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a degree in Sociology and Urban Studies, I considered a career in public health. But, I found out about the Food Gap from a friend, and I haven’t looked back since. Working as a Junior Trip Leader for the Food Gap has allowed me to combine all of my interests in health, food, travel, history, and language. I am endlessly grateful for the adventures and lifelong friends the Food Gap has brought me.”

Salina Chin

Salina Chin, Trip Leader

Jake Paige


"I got my first camera when I was about 3. It was aqua-blue and made of heavy-duty kid-tested plastic. Today, I'm a professional photographer, writer, multi-media artist, and traveler. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, I live for story-telling moments! I spent much of my childhood moving between states offering distinct communities. These transitions offered insightful opportunities for personal growth. I love transformative moments that shape who we are; moments that remind us of our complexity and humanity; moments that confront us and shine light on us, giving us hope, laughter, and awareness. Add story-telling experiences like these with immersive travel, and you have The Food Gap! All my favorite things in one trip: community-based travel, incredible local experiences, beautiful photos, and story-telling. When I’m not leading trips or taking long walks, I'm puttering golf balls between trees using antique wedges, griping about any one of Chicago’s inconsistent sports franchises, or experimenting with personal art projects. And, although I no longer use my aqua-blue plastic camera to document what I take in through my senses, you can be sure that my enthusiasm and curiosity remain the same!"

Jake Paige, Trip Leader + Photographer

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